Holding space

Holding space for our experience above anything else is the primary cause of wellbeing. This ability is innate to us but underneath all the conditioning we have forgotten how to do this. When someone holds a safe nonjudgmental space for our mind or body, we get a taste of our inherent wisdom and can reconnect with it, remember how to do this for ourselves, and bring that ability into our daily life. The inner good feeling will guide us naturally, because it simply makes sense, no practice or additional thinking isn’t needed.
For this purpose I’m currently researching and finding ways for creating such supportive spaces, that will help people to connect with their innate guidance, so that it stays forever with them, and they can then create their life authentically with no dependance on the outside world to make them happy.
I have found this to be the most potent and instant, yet gentle way to solving no less than all possible problems we may have collectively as well as individually. When humans start recognizing themselves as their primary guiding authority, we will witness an entirely new world.

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„Muži nedovedou ocenit vlastní ženy. To přenechávají druhým.“ Oscar Wilde