Sex is our most primal and at the same time most spiritual – soulful expression.
It has been used unconsciously to connect, to get love and most of all as a culturally conditioned object of trade.
The sexual energy is what powers our lives from their very beginning. This energy takes different shapes and flavors but is at no times disconnected from other kinds of expressions in our lives. It is at the core of who we are.
Because we oftentimes use it unconsciously, as sexual wounding is so prevalent in these times, it carries with it the core woundings of our Souls. As such it is a rife ground for triggering unhealed elements of ourselves, and since it’s a potent and long demonized force, we are conditioned to quickly bury it back into the subconscious. But the biological soulful drive brings us back to it again and again as it is seeking resolution and healing. And being inherently connected to every other area of our lives, everything we repress gets imprinted into our sexual relating patterns immediately. That’s why healing our sexuality equates healing the whole being. Working at this level offers the greatest potential for transformation and holistic integration because it naturally brings out the most potent energy which, when utilized with consciousness, serves as a vehicle for our authentic, truest self to come out and play. And that’s how we get our power back.

The best part? This potent force already knows what to do. It guides every one of us in every moment. It exists because we exist and is in no way separate from us. It’s just waiting for us to start to listen – to ourselves, and nothing else. And if we don’t, it has the power to make us – 95% of all sexual ‚dysfunction‘ is caused by our mental/psychological state, in other words ‚thought in the moment‘, and the rest is caused by a thought recurring over a longer period of time. This again is our body – the physical manifestation of spiritual energy, the messy flesh where nothing and everything meets to create the vortex of a Soul – telling us where we are out of alignment with our true self. The goal, if there ever should be one, is not to overcome these signals, but to listen to them. If we want to be truly authentically happy, we can no longer afford to try to fit the unique expression of our innate/intimate life-force into an idea of what should happen or what we need, formed according to cultural conditioning based on a mass market of porn, and sexual expression used for marketing and breeding purposes.
Sexual dysfunction isn’t dysfunction at all. It’s our body telling us, that we are needing something else than what we think we need, and it’s up to us to honor that and to follow its messages.
We need to learn to be present to ‚what is‘, to become comfortable with points of stillness, of not knowing, depth, dissolution and uncontrollable explosion. And with the dirt, sweat and pheromones of human bodily reality, that we’ve learned so carefully to eradicate and hide from our sterile trimmed and chemically perfumed lives. Unless we experience and approach the body in it’s profound material holiness, we can never be whole.

Touch is sacred. The body is sacred. And sex is where we naturally are closest to experience it as such….and also the place where we’ve come the farthest from it.
I’m calling you – come back.
Back to yourself.
Slow down.
In and out through the whole length of your spine.
And most importantly, don’t move unless you feel it.

So just before you do anything at all, check in with yourself. Are you feeling anxious, scared, doubtful? Then just honor that. Don’t move ahead trying to do what you think will keep your partner in your life, else you will pay for it dearly. You will learn the lesson eventually, but the price is betraying your own Soul, and it will take a lot of self-love to heal those wounds.
Instead, start from self-love, cherish your internal experience as if it was the most important thing in the world.
Stay close to yourself, it is your life, and it is all you have.

sexual, dysfunction, body, soul, release
Art credit: Jen Lewis

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