The Sacred Curse

How easy it is to see the sacred as a curse… When she sneaks into our lives in which we didn’t create space for her…. so she makes the space. She comes and destroys our carefully followed schedule, she destroys the carefully crafted facades of our shallow relationships, she takes away our sleep, our health…whatever it takes for us to notice.

Once upon a time, she played a central role in the society. Days long ceremonials were dedicated to hold the stage for one thing – for the voice of the feminine to be heard. Those who modeled this voice, who dedicated their bodies to express in every possible way what it means to be divine and human at the same time, those were the center-pieces of Life. They mirrored for us the core part within ourselves that is most sacred, that we have to cherish and give space to no matter what. So long as we knew it, life was a celebration.

goddess, sacred, feminine
Art Credit: „The Snake Charmer“ ~ An original painting by Emily Balivet, 2013

Now she sneaks in through the cracks in the night. At 2 AM she wakes me up with keywords and symbols for the next step of my journey…because I don’t hear at other times. Because my mind’s too busy and I too fearful, not having yet figured out, how to give her the center stage of my life. But that never really mattered. She will find her way through the cracks, and inch by inch fills every bit of my being, until, without even noticing how it came, I find myself at home again.
She is sneaky like that.

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„Nikdy jsem nedopustil, aby škola stála v cestě mému vzdělání.“ Mark Twain