Soul, Consciousness and Awakening in the Body

boyd, soul, consciousness, awakeningIn my experience, when we authentically follow whats true for us, what wants to be expressed, then we enter the territory of awakening IN the body AND it *is* WILD. Stuff can begin to start to come to us, and through us….all kinds of ‚crazy‘ stuff…which we probably won’t have the capacity to understand…which is a property of the Universal – it goes beyond our personal understanding.
Paradoxically (and this is a common denominator of all mystical *experience*), the more personal things get, the more universal they are.
As for the ‚own divine authority‘, that’s something I can feel, but probably can’t explain. Lets say that we all have a common universal Source, lets say, that each of us can be traced back to our own Source. Lets say, that there are realms, where there is no division between the personal and the universal…Lets play with the idea that both the self and The Self have no limits..

Or it can be described in a less multidimensional and more linear way, that makes it easier to imagine.
Everything that comes to you gets filtered not only through your thoughts, but also through your Soul.
The Soul (Consciousness) is essentially an individual entity which at the same time has awareness of ‚All That Is‘. It creates limitations for itself (ie. a body limited in time-space) in order to be able to have all kinds of different experiences. Nonetheless, it’s nature is unlimited when viewed outside of the limitations of time and space. It’s basically like a grid filter for each individual universe. It’s the *feeling* bottom-line of our existence.

It’s not like there’s ‚us‘ and then the primordial chaos. We wouldn’t be able to survive that level of onslaught of primordial energy. So the Soul, which has one foot in each realm, acts as a mediator or filter. When we speak of innate guidance, it’s actually the Soul that we hear, which is our very own individual divinity.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The body is where we get direct access to the Soul (also Kundalini energy aka the creative life-force, which is inherently sexual in nature). The body equals the unconscious and also it is the currently active aspect of our Soul (and in extension God), which is what makes it so precious. Basically the body (and in extension it’s environment) *is* the Soul.

To align with ones inner guidance system, means to align with ones Soul, which allows us to get a clearer signal from the larger universe. But what is the self that aligns with itself? Here we discover that it’s actually a closed cyclic circuit. It’s god aligning with itself. God-realization in form. As long as we are here, there’s individuality, there’s no going without it. Once you’re free of all that desire, you’re right back where you started…which implies not here…not individual, nothing to define *you*. You is no longer.

But here we are still. So lets talk about Soul, lets talk about sex, lets talk about desire. That’s where it gets interesting for me.

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