The Helpers Conundrum

I am being confronted with the fact that I can only support people to help themselves as far as they’re willing to help themselves.
Even when I know, that more is possible for them, I can’t force it on them if that’s not what they want. And those who really are ready to help themselves, they will find a way. I have trust in humans like that… I have this trust because I had to find my own way, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
It’s not my job to fix the world. The only life I can save is mine.

It is taken to a whole another level when it comes to the treatment of children. In that case the above still applies.helping profession,  helpers self-care
We are all doing our best at all times. I can only do what feels exactly right for *me*. The right level of engagement is key.
We can never know what’s best for another soul, but they do.
TRUST in my own resources, in my own guidance. Trust that I will listen within, and hear what I need to hear, when I need to hear it…
Trust that we are all doing this together, and that no single one of us knows, what is it exactly that we are doing here, but there’s something beyond us, that *knows*, and I can tune into that, and surrender.

Force is not my game. I’m for pleasure, not for dictatorship.
You can only nudge so far before it becomes a push…and I’m not subscribing to the drudgery of dragging somebody along. I am for Sovereignty.

„To heal a broken heart, to heal a broken world, you must understand, it’s not broken…“ The Course In Miracles

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