When you know, you know. Truth is like that – it’s what we vibrate towards with our whole being. It’s trust that we have the ability and resources to know true from false. Trust in our Self.
It’s only when you don’t have this trust, when you’re disconnected from your truth, that you go seeking outside of yourself. A sceptic doesn’t first and foremost trust himself. Because when you’re filled with truth – your truth, you don’t need to go seeking outside for it.

I hear to some people there are two kinds of truth – scientific vs. spiritual…. Two different kinds of truth LOL That’s as if you said there were two different kinds of god… Oh, hang on, mankind in its skepticist arrogance has tried that one too… Now let me think, how much war did that lead to again? Ah, I know – a shitload!
There’s truth in every single one of us and at some level it is unified.

How can ‚the world‘ ever prove anything to/for you? At some point you have to make the decision what to believe!
People who rely on evidence that is agreed upon by the larger society, buy into an artificially created consensus and method of proving, that can be entirely false, but they do so simply because it is safer to be in agreement with everybody around you.
This of course has nothing to do with Truth…remember when all people used to believe the earth was flat?

Truth & trust
Perhaps there’s nothing that I’m seeking.
Perhaps I’m so filled with truth,
that there’s no space left for bullshit.
Perhaps I sound a little bit dare.
Perhaps we all need to dare a little bit more…


In addition to this article, which I admit has been glued together from 4 different Facebook posts, I am excited to share the first video of Ari Moshe Wolfe, who has been an absolutely crucial guide for myself over the past two years.
Here he expresses so much better what I’ve tried to address. Enjoy and savor this wisdom which has so much value for our lives.


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