Facepalm…they got it all wrong!

There’s God, then there’s individuated consciousness aka Soul, and there’s Thought (not really three different things, but for the sake of comprehension and our liking of trinities..). The Soul is really a gap – a vortex – between the universal Mind and individual thought. It kinda has one foot in each ‚realm‘, and is gravitating […]

One woman sharing her experience

We see more and more articles like this – women sharing their personal experience. They do seem to spark up inevitably the same kinds of responses: Scorn from men who take it as a somewhat generalized account and who come forward with strong words of denial proclaiming they are nothing like that. Truth and experience […]

On sitting still and the consequent petrification

There is so much emphasis on sitting still in our culture. Just think of how many years are invested in teaching children to ‚finally sit still‘. In addition there are many artificial rules of how we should act when dealing with someone – we should have our eyes open, we should maintain eye contact, we […]

„Nejkrásnější ze všech tajemství je být géniem a vědět to jen sám.“ Mark Twain