Teaching and power dynamics

Teaching and power dynamicsI’m suspicious about techniques and teachings that don’t go deep enough – all the way to the operating principles behind everything. Because if you show someone a principle, they can take it and apply it freely in their own life, whereas when you teach a technique (that may sometimes work and sometime not as it doesn’t reach the level of universal applicability), you make people dependent on your interpretation which already stands in the way of complete clarity. Not to mention that it complicates things, and complex things call for concepts to keep order in them, and concepts take us further away from our nature. Our nature that is at core the same as the nature of everything i.e.. the universal law or principle. Few people know, outside of mental concepts, that we ourselves are the law.
So, I’m suspicious when ‚teachers‘ want to teach me ‚techniques‘.
Not that it can’t help, but essentially it creates dependency and power dynamics, and I want to see people stepping into their own power instead.

Facepalm…they got it all wrong!

Actually, it's Mind, Consciousness and Thought...
Actually, it’s Mind, Consciousness and Thought…

There’s God, then there’s individuated consciousness aka Soul, and there’s Thought (not really three different things, but for the sake of comprehension and our liking of trinities..). The Soul is really a gap – a vortex – between the universal Mind and individual thought. It kinda has one foot in each ‚realm‘, and is gravitating toward the Absolute. This is felt more and more the older the Soul becomes. The pull is between the separating desires aka individual self-obsesed thought commonly known as ego, and the desire to return, align and later merge with All That Is.
When you no longer identify with your individual thoughts, you live from the Soul. Simple as that (and for the most part intermittent).
Now the body, is less separate from all this than thousands of years of throwing dirt at it would like us to believe. It actually IS the Soul, the unconscious if you wish, and a direct gateway to God….if only we don’t let our insistence on linear, repetitive, personal thinking mess with our connection to it…
The most reliable remedy I have found for this predicament is being met/held in a safe space, which leads to relaxation, which in turn allows our body to de-contract and our Soul to unwind from deep within it. Whatever helps to remind us that we don’t have to fear, that we are being looked after by the great universe, even if just for a moment, opens up the door and bit by bit brings us back to our divine essence.
When we know that we *are* All That Is, then there’s no space left for conflict. And it’s oh-so-simple – just allowing some space, letting go of control, and finding oneself in a gap, the gap where nothing and everything meets as you in this moment.

We are here to experience infinite potential

We are here to experience infinite potential
“This planet really needs your distinct tone in order to harmonize.” Sera Beak

I don’t want to live under the pressure that this world is broken and in acute need of fixing. I want to live in the awareness that everything is unfolding and evolving exactly as it should be.
I’ve been noticing that friends and complete strangers are inspired to write about the same topics at the same times. Their dreams take place in the same localities. And so I cannot ignore the connection and the fact, that I am not here to do it all alone. We are all doing it. All of us. And there is an invisible intelligence at work that orchestrates it all.
So you don’t need to have a plan. You don’t have to have it all figured out. You only need to do what you feel inspired to do, knowing that others are doing the same, powered by the same source, which knows what it is doing.
The value of what you say doesn’t lie so much in the information you bring to the world. The value is in the unique way you do it, because you are a unique part of a whole which is conspiring towards the same goal.
As for the goal, there is no way of knowing what it might be. The value lies in the opportunity it gives us to express our individuality and collaborate, so that we can realize how we are all connected, and that we are all one.

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Beware! You must consume social media consciously.

There is so much talk about conscious consumerism, but do we apply it when it comes to social media? Everybody can complain about what they don’t like to see on their feed, but do we really put our money where our mouths are?
I for one am really grateful for these platforms. It suits my agenda – it allows everybody to express themselves and reach a wider audience. EVERYBODY. My belief is such, that when more people get creative and show what’s really in them, the world will become a much more varied place, people will lose the artificial ideas of what is ‚normal‘, and thus become more tolerant and even appreciative of individual differences, which in turn will allow more people to express themselves. A world where this is the case would be very different to what we know now. War for instance, wouldn’t be quite possible in such an environment.
This is what I use social media for. Recently I begun choosing more consciously of where I put my ‚likes‘, ‚comments‘ and ‚shares‘. I ask myself ‚what/who do I want to support?‘ the answer: creative self-expression of individuals with a bigger vision. So, I don’t ‚like‘ so much of the posts by big pages – they don’t need it anymore, and take up feed space away from people with small pages who would deserve some boost. I’m done with liking selfies, because I for instance write these posts in sweat and blood and can be glad when I get a handful of likes, then I get 80 likes on a picture of me, which is only good to flatter my ego, which is basically no good at all. I write because I want to reach people! I would appreciate if people appreciate and support my work by their likes, rather than clicking on a pleasing image.
In brief, I want to support the work and ideas of individuals rather than generic posts and reposting of news narrated by some big news company. If we all approach fb consciously, the feed will change, but no sooner than that. It is the people who create the structure of the feed, and if on one hand you bitch about it and on the other click on every cat video that has already a hundred thousand likes, while you can’t take a sec and like a video or poem by your friend, then you’re probably not aware of the power that lies dormant in this medium while the people use it unconsciously. It’s people who decide what gets seen. It might look that it’s fb with it’s algorithms, but the actual power lies with the people….unrealized.
Consciousness, my friends, is something that can sneak up on you only when there is a gap in your habitual patterns and thinking. So mind the gap!

The Thing About Osho

Osho was in the ‚guru stage‘ of spiritual evolution, no doubt about it. Yet there is a substage in that state, which has several more different substages, where every guru becomes identified with his spiritualized ego, which inevitably leads to a tragic downfall and a subsequent humbling of the ego. This stage cannot be avoided, in fact it’s an essential step, and it is advisable to move through it as fast as possible.
When I look for instance Mooji in the eyes, I see God. I feel God. It’s an instant transmission – I know I am God. And so is everything. And yet even Mooji has his ‚human moments‘. There are times when every guru becomes inpatient, when he doesn’t understand how come nobody understands…
Osho says all the right things, wise things, original things, but when I look at him, I feel nothing. I see a guru trapped in the illusion of his own grandeur. And still, some great things came out of his work. One of his apprentices – Diana Richardson, I have the most respect for…if not innate resonance.
Even I say the right things sometimes, and yet, when I’m not feeling it, there’s nothing to transmit. Nobody will feel anything. When I feel it, the words don’t matter. And yet, when a person is ready to learn, they will find teaching in any words. When they’re not open, nothing will reach them.
So this is the thing about gurus – they are people too. The guru you follow is a mirror of your own shadow. Keep following and the love you have for them will teach you something about it. When you start moving beyond the smoke and mirrors game, no guru will be needed.

One woman sharing her experience

one woman sharing her experienceWe see more and more articles like this – women sharing their personal experience. They do seem to spark up inevitably the same kinds of responses:

Scorn from men who take it as a somewhat generalized account and who come forward with strong words of denial proclaiming they are nothing like that. Truth and experience be told – they are almost always exactly like that.

Defiant response from women who take it as a generalized account, who’ve come to a conclusion that all men are bastards and won’t be convinced otherwise. Meanwhile they’re waiting for someone as perfect as their illusory self to appear and save them.

Snarky responses from women who have somewhat switched the camp and are now criticizing every woman who dares to express her experience for menbashing.

Few women will recognize that they had the same experiences and will feel empowered to see that this kind of thing is really happening and will be questioning why. Together these women will find a solution simply by sharing their experiences. Awareness and thus consciousness will be raised.

What I’ve never seen so far, is for those people about whom these articles were written to come forward and tell their side of the story. I do find this truly regretful. I would like to hear from those men, so we don’t have to guess anymore. And perhaps that is also part of the problem. Conscious communication is being denied – articles are being written. Articles that often have a slightly angry determined undertone…quite understandably. And I’m glad for them.

The debates that follow are a rife ground for projections of all kind. I suggest that one of the main causes of this is, that we don’t respect these accounts for what they are – mere personal accounts. They’re not to be taken as generalizations, neither as expert opinions. These are just personal experiences not to be taken personally. We can be inspired by them, but that’s about it. We each have to find our own way. Another part of this is, that our culture isn’t used to hear women’s stories expressed and shared honestly. Yet. That in itself seems to be a major trigger for many regardless of gender. By the way, I don’t think any of this is much of a gender issue no matter how it may look to you. The he’s and she’s are fairly interchangeable if you look beyond the surface. There are certainly differences (conditioned, not real) in how men and women conduct themselves in relationships. Understanding is what solves those differences and reveals the sameness underneath. There is no need for fixing or defending what is not real. Just see through it and it disappears on it’s own.

My suggestions for reading those stories are as follows:

Give it the respect a brave sharing of an intimate personal story publicly deserves.
Especially when it’s written in a voice we haven’t heard much of in the recent millennia – the voice of the feminine whether it’s written by a man or woman, whether it’s angry and messy and confused and seeking, hold space for it for you have that voice deep inside you too. Take it as a practice for learning to hear it.

Don’t take it as an advice.
Whether the author came to her own conclusions or list of solutions for how to deal with this, is just another part of their story. You will find your own solutions. The generalized advice in most articles is just a symptom of a misunderstanding of how life works. People think that what worked for one will work for everyone. It completely misses the point of how we create our experience. Even if the author is perceived as some kind of authority in their field, don’t listen for advice – you have your own authority.

The saddest, most striking and most often unnoticed part of this is, that within the self-help circles where these articles most often circulate, what most of us haven’t clocked yet is, that it’s a human issue, not a gendered one. An issue that starts with the repressed feminine=emotion within ourselves/all of us.. We can’t hear or hold space for our own feelings, we don’t hold our boundaries, we feel we need someone else to meet our emotional needs, thus we can’t give that space to freely express to others. As soon as someone mentions relationships, it turns into ‚men this, women that‘ battle. We cease to be all human and instead are separated into ‚us=good‘, them=bad‘. We forget that we are human. I don’t believe that the men who left me without explanation were bad. They were lovely actually, I’m sure they had their own reasons that had little to do with me. I’m also not naive enough to believe that we are all good through and through. Look close enough, unpeel a few layers and you’ll see that we are all made up of everything.
I think that we can do only so much work on discovering where we are going by ourselves, sometimes we need a passer-by to show us what we can’t see, that’s why I believe it’s important to honor even the micro relationships and be willing to let them go, precisely because we don’t know best what we need yet…we may know what we want, but what we need is what comes (and leaves), and we need to learn to accept that…

I also don’t believe that an unresolved mother/father complex is an obstacle for relationship. Unwillingness to work through it is, but that’s upon everybody’s personal choice how they will deal with theirs.
If I have unanswered questions, they’re mine to solve, nothing to do with the other person. Keep looking within for the answer, and all out there will become resolved.

One more thing I’d like to add. A very sad phenomenon is that women who were treated badly resort to checking what did ‚they‘ do wrong first. They analyze their own behavior to see whether they’re acceptable, whether they should improve (themselves), and only when they conclude that in their mind they’re good enough, they’re ready to lash out the blame on the other party. What remains missed is the fact that from the beginning there was an unconscious intention to find someone at fault. As if it wasn’t enough to be ourselves, as if the journey was about finding someone guilty of being imperfect, being human. There is so much shame about making mistakes that few of us dare to admit to them and look ourselves honestly in the eye. Maybe that’s the biggest obstacle to working relationships – that we can’t be honest even to ourselves, and second, that we can’t be alone with ourselves, that we can’t let people go their own way.


The liberation we are all seeking, cannot be given to us by anyone else. It starts by liberating our internal images of others (and ourselves), and giving them the freedom to express their point of view. If we stop fighting with our ideas of others that we create by thinking a certain way of them, and instead let them be as they are, our perception of being oppressed by the outside world drops.

There is no such thing as a generalization. Everything expressed by whomever, will always be but a perfect reflection of themselves…and the more they try to detach from it, the more the image gets distorted. Everything we read in the words of another is again but a reflection of ourselves. We are limited by words, if we don’t look beyond them.

When we become triggered by someones ‚generalized‘ point of view and react by something like „How dare they say this about all the wo/men, when I am certainly different, which means they’re not right, and I’m being denied being who I am, excluded, not counted with etc.“, it’s just a sign that we are denying them their point of view and in extension denying ourselves ours, because if we were solid enough in knowing who we are, just being simply faced with a different view wouldn’t endanger this knowing, and so we wouldn’t have to react defensively.

Truly, underneath all the conditioning and individual differences, we are all the same and we want the same few basic things. There are no cook-book approaches to anything. We may want the same things despite all the cultural conditioning but there will be individual routes to get there for each, and there will be different routes to get there at different times for the same person. So the only advice that can be general is to listen to ones heart.

Whenever we perceive that we are being oppressed by anything outside of ourselves, it’s just a reflection where we are not accepting ourselves. And when we lash out at someone else, is just a sign that there is a place within us that we are repressing.

The solution is rather simple. When we drop our ideas of who we are or should be, what remains is who we truly are. Which is immense, and contains an infinite range of possible human expression and experience. By not repressing anything and opening ourselves to our true nature, we discover that we have inbuilt resources available to us to deal appropriately with anything in any given moment.
It’s a matter of a slight shift in perspective from attachment to limitation toward opening oneself to possibilities.

Authenticity is the key to our spiritual core and when we unlock the realization of our divine nature as the creators of our experience, there’s nothing left that we could be afraid of. Find your core and remember it when you’re not in it. Mind you, you won’t have anything to hold on to but that’s the source of the fluidity you will need to face any kind of experience. That is the true source of your freedom. The freedom you then grant to others is just a natural consequence of that.

„I looked for sex and after searching everywhere found it was me
I looked for God and after questioning everything found it was me
I looked for love and after feeling everything found it was me
I looked for belonging until I found I could belong only to me
I looked for the „how?“ until I got out of the way and remembered me
I looked for acceptance until I opened to ALL parts of me
I looked to the world, the stars, dreams until I found the greatest depths were in me“
– Monique Darling

On sitting still and the consequent petrification

There is so much emphasis on sitting still in our culture. Just think of how many years are invested in teaching children to ‚finally sit still‘. In addition there are many artificial rules of how we should act when dealing with someone – we should have our eyes open, we should maintain eye contact, we should look at the person, we should listen with our ears not with our intuition, watch with our eyes not with our inner sight, we are expected to respond in ‚appropriate‘ ways…

I used to pride myself on how still I could sit even at a very young age. Then we add more to it by believing we should sit still in meditation, in the cinema, at the lunch table, at school, at work, in workshops….it never ends! It isn’t natural. In fact it’s one of the systemic ways of repressing our nature, and it shows… People fidget, twitch, move their legs restlessly, hunch their backs, hold tension in, develop annoying habits and it all leads to various health problems and back aches. When we are not responding to the body’s immediate needs, how can we be present to the moment?

Just look at the children, how they’re full of energy and constantly moving. We don’t grow out of that, we learn to repress it or channel it in more ‚adult appropriate‘ ways. And so those who are inclined for sports save our need to move for classes of organized movement, and those who are not repress the energy which then manifests in various diseases and weariness. Just imagine how much energy it takes to repress all that natural expression! We learn to repress our flow of energy and it’s natural expression because it makes the motionless statues around us nervous. And so we manifested a collective restriction of the flow of creativity. True interaction and connection isn’t possible through the rigid masks we learned to wear. And so when we get an opportunity to let loose, whether it’s thanks to alcohol at a party or in a healthier way in a held space, it’s wild, almost aggressive and hedonistic, because we have to fit so much expression into a short time frame, instead of dancing through life gracefully and fluidly.On sitting still and it's consequences

To me this uncontrolled natural state of being is symbolized by the animal totem the cat. I learned to repress it so deeply that I developed a slight hatred towards cats in my adult life. But it was only myself I could fool. Others would still recognize my feline nature and my dreams spoke of fighting with annoying catlike animals. First domestic cats, later turning into lions which I then recognized as a symbol for my feminine sexual essence – my solar creative force.

I begun connecting with this side of me in a safe held space and discovered that it’s most healing for my mind and body to let the ‚cat out of the bag‘. That to simply let my body move as it wishes without any interference from my mind could instantly shift all the held tension and remove various severe aches I suffered from. But it became clear that this won’t work as a long term sustainable fix. I needed to bring this freedom in motion into my daily life. My body’s/soul’s expression is my very nature, and I am not one to save it for the past-time corners of my life, I dedicated my life to embodying this.

I wasn’t ready to begin with that until I made peace with the cat during a shamanic journey. It was surprisingly easy, once the time was right, once I let the signs guide me there instead of pushing it. When I reconciled this energy, it could reveal it’s true face and appeared to me in a dream as my inner witch, in which I have recognized the uber-dark goddess Eris. When I met and recognized her as a part of myself, a truly inherent, deepest, familiar, essential, long buried part of myself, it became also clear why I couldn’t let her out and admit her for so long. She was dangerous. Uninhibited. Uncontrollable. Frankly, she doesn’t give a shit. She’s merely a force of nature, with very little attachment to anything, that’s what makes her so dangerous in the true meaning of the word. She’s the raw power, the true source of a woman as a creator and destroyer. Love, compassion and all the fluffy stuff are just consequences of this force. She is the beyond the beyond and she manifests without masks. For her, there’s no need for them. Like cats, she doesn’t care what she appears like, what she looks like, how she moves, how she rests…she just rolls with it – unpredictably.

So now I’m learning under her guidance to move like the cats, to care more about my wellbeing and my soul above societal expectations. There is less sitting still, less keeping my eyes open when they want to close, less standing on one spot, less listening when I’m tired of it, less pouring tea for everybody. The world is going to have to deal with it.

For this purpose I want to create safe spaces where we can explore among peers where our boundaries lie, how we are comfortable to express in different environments, and how it feels to reclaim freedom of movement in our body so that more and more people can bring this into the world and collectively bring it back into a more natural state of balance. Behind the scenes I am currently exploring the possibilities with likeminded people, and in the video bellow is an excerpt from one of those interviews.

I’m curious to hear if this resonates with you and what your experiences are with reclaiming your inner soulful authority, and how are you going about it. Please share in the comments bellow. Here’s to a more authentic harmonious world!

What’s in a name?

So what is it with the name, you might ask. There is this asteroid named Anna – 265 (asteroids are numbered), which happens to be natally on my Midheaven, which is the point in a birth chart which denotes our social role or position. 2, 6, 5 are priestess numbers. 2 is The High Priestess in tarot, and represents duality. 5 and 6 are both Venus numbers. 5 for chaos and creativity, and 6 for order and service. My Midheaven points toward the Big Truth aka God, it lies at the very beginning of the sign Pisces, guarded by Anna on the piscean side, and Vesta – another famous priestess asteroid, on the Aquarian side. I don’t think these two would let me squirm away from my mission here…

When Anna was transiting over my ascendant, long before I knew of the existence of this asteroid or astrology in general for that matter, I took Anna as my official middle name. My life changed big time around that time. Several years later, when Anna made a favorable angle to my Moon which just got hit by a Pluto transit, a clear call came to distill my name to reflect my essence, to shorten it, and to chop of all the arbitrary bits, and so from Romana Anna Bicanova – a deeply customized strong name with plenty of meaning and personality, I became Anna Nova – an even stronger name, sorely plain and common in my native land, with no ego-centric personality whatsoever. It’s carried by many women which gives it a potency and universality. What it ultimately means is a carrier of the new divine feminine essence. Needless to say, my life changed huge time. But this time, it won’t be about me anymore. It is about my Soul.

Somewhere between the first name change and the second, I was inspired to set up a blog and a page named Goddess In Anna. Yes, it is a play on Goddess Inanna, because that’s how the big G first came to me (more about that some other time), but it will be primarily about the goddess in me, my human me, which I trust will make it for a silly and entertaining reading.
I used to complain and pity myself, that I receive no spiritual guidance, that I have never been acquainted to any spiritual belief system to fall back on, and that when the Divine calls (forces) me to do something particular, it does never inform me, what is it good for or what shall I do with it (like when she pulled me out of bed at 5 am on a saturday morning to channel my past lives all day long..) But yesterday, when I was officially launching the facebook page, I’ve realized that it guided me more than enough (and probably more than I realize yet). As I was looking at the page where one gets to invite friends to “like” it, and contemplating whether I shall push the button (basically talking myself out of it under the weight of all the imaginary consequences it would have on my comfortably small life), suddenly I watched my finger in horror as it moved towards the cursor and “Oh, nooooo!” invited the first friend, and accompanied by the frantic beating of my heart continued until there were no people to invite left.

This morning, early when I woke up, images from the unconscious begun flooding my mind, and I’m being once again dragged out of bed to write this. This time I know better than to resist. She’s stronger than me. Or my little me to be more precise. And so I realized, that it is futile to complain about Her wonky sporadic guidance. She is actually leading me by the hand this whole time!

Now, can I go back to bed? Please?

Funky guidance style

Archaic and archetypal. And at that time it really dawned upon me. The responsibility for what comes through really isn’t mine. I cannot even decide what and how it is going to come through. I am a conduit for divine service and my job, is to literally get out of the way.

Then of course there is the historical scholarly story about the origin of the name Anna, which has to do with Jesus’s grandmother and the Hebrew word hannah meaning divine grace. The story goes that her parents were waiting and praying long to be blessed with an air, so when Anna was born, they wanted to give her a name that will reflect the desire with which she was expected and longed for, and the gratitude to the one who gives life. It was also assumed that when god graces them with such long expected gift of a daughter, he will also look after her and protect her throughout life.

I admit, that sounded a little alibistic to me when I was younger but now I can confirm, that there is truth to it. God guides us through our trials. Perhaps especially through them.

But Jesus’s grandmother wasn’t actually the first Anna. It was just the first famous one. The origin goes much further back in time, perhaps before the establishment of patriarchy where we can find names like Inanna and Menanna or celtic sea goddes Manannan shared a common root in prominent female embodiments of the divine energy. So to me the personal meaning that I relate to is really just the divine essence of feminine energy.

Interestingly Her name is possibly derived from Sumerian (n)in-an-na “lady of the sky”. Which reminds me of the tantric description of a dakini, which is a woman who has opened her heart fully to embody and unite with the divine as “Sky Dancer”. Indeed the experience of a sacred sexual union can bring one into cosmic heights where a sense of universal unity and spiritual revelations are reached and brought to Earth.

And an extra quirk. In japanese the character for apricot is the same as for Anna (resemblance of the labia majora with apricots anyone?), while the ancient Chinese shamanic great goddess Xi Wangmu grows peaches of immortality as her fruit. I like this Goddess I have to admit as she is told to ride a Phoenix, a crane or a five-colored dragon all of which sound like my favorite rides. Ok, maybe not rides, but I feel close to those three animals.

And so on the day when Full Moon in Cancer, the sign of the divine mother embraced Black Moon Lilith – the wounded and wild feminine, opposed by Pluto the god of the underworld, Venus goddess of love just re-emerging from her journey through the realms of Hades, I was called and my hand was guided to finally launch this page.

Numerologically Anna gives us number 12, and 1+2 is 3. So we have 1,2, and 3 – the basic maths for all creation, where the next step – 4, establishes a solid structure and gives rise to form, but before that, we have the pure creative power, the impulse and desire for dynamic interplay of energies. The relationship of a push and pull. Dualism and unity. The desire to create and manifest infinite possibilities of maya, just for the fun of it. One is the impulse to project oneself outward. With Two we have duality. By Three we have the blueprint of creation symbolized by the triple goddess of growth, maintenance and destruction. In 4 all that is solidified into form. That’s where all the action in the theatre of life takes place. Where the feminine can truly show it’s power and glory. But Anna rather holds the subtle essence. The higher vibration of divine feminine grace.

By adding the surname Nova meaning new, we get the essence and the desire to manifest new ways and new forms for the feminine.

265 gives us 13 which is the Goddess and also Witch Number.

The new name helps me to relate to myself in a more impersonal manner. It has loosened the chains of self-reflection for me, and that was an important step, because the messages I’m here to share, don’t come from my personal self, but rather through me directly from Source. In this case, the effect they may have on my personal self is irrelevant.

Goddess In Anna aka Soulcraft for dummies

I’m no scholar. I grew up without any kind of spiritual belief system. I was always just curious to understand life. And then I stumbled upon God (or rather it leaped at me, ready with fangs and all…). Who later turned out to be a Goddess. Who in fact turned out to be genderless. Who, as it increasingly became clear, is in fact inside of me. And you. And everything.

And so, I’ve been trying to wrap my head and heart around it. To come to my own conclusions through my own direct experience. What has helped me the most in this process was reading from others who have set on this path before me. I feel it’s my turn to share my story. Now I’m ready. I’ve overcome enough doubt. I still doubt enough, but that’s all part of the game. My connecting link to Spirit has been cleansed. My intention is to share my journey with others who might struggle to make sense out of their life, to find purpose and to embody fully who they truly are. If you feel that there is something missing, this blog might help to point you toward what it is, and where to find it.

„O chytré ženské je nouze. Konečně o chytré mužské zrovna tak.“ Jan Werich