Soul, Consciousness and Awakening in the Body

In my experience, when we authentically follow whats true for us, what wants to be expressed, then we enter the territory of awakening IN the body AND it *is* WILD. Stuff can begin to start to come to us, and through us….all kinds of ‚crazy‘ stuff…which we probably won’t have the capacity to understand…which is […]


…IT’S THE WISDOM OF OUR BODY ADAPTING TO A PROFOUNDLY ILL CULTURE Sex is our most primal and at the same time most spiritual – soulful expression. It has been used unconsciously to connect, to get love and most of all as a culturally conditioned object of trade. The sexual energy is what powers our […]

We live in an ideal world, we just don’t know it yet!

We would’t have any problems to begin with if we just knew how to let ourselves be guided by our pleasure! Most problems stem, by and large, from our learned habits of fitting ourselves and our behavior into a societally preferable mold. And instead of slowing down and begining to listen to the inner voice […]

On sitting still and the consequent petrification

There is so much emphasis on sitting still in our culture. Just think of how many years are invested in teaching children to ‚finally sit still‘. In addition there are many artificial rules of how we should act when dealing with someone – we should have our eyes open, we should maintain eye contact, we […]

„Nedostane-li žena koho chce, běda tomu, koho dostane.“ Mark Twain